The Corporate Creed was established based on the philosophy of founders Robert W. and Edith Sidley to establish our values and code of ethics.

R. W. Sidley, Inc. a family owned business, established in 1938, does hereby set forth its Corporate Creed based on the philosophy of its founders, Robert W. and Edith Sidley, and subscribed to by the active second, third and fourth generations of the Sidley family.

The company was founded on the belief that we as a company, and as individuals, should conduct our professional and personal affairs with honor and integrity. We believe that a company is a group of people associated for a common purpose, that of serving the public, providing jobs, and making a profit,and that this common purpose has been and will continue to be achieved.

We believe the family is the foundation of society, and that the freedom and liberty that exist in the United Statesprovides the opportunity of free enterprise, fair competition, and the ability to realize our goal of a profitable enterprise.

We believe in working toward financial profitability while striving for sound management strategies that recognize the well being of individual employees, providing them with the opportunity for enjoyment and self-satisfaction both in their business and personal lives, and the responsibility of accountability to management, the Board of Directors and the Shareholders.

We believe that our customer relationships should be mutually beneficial, and that our company has a responsibility to its customers, providing the best quality product and services, at fair prices, thus establishing a sound reputation in the marketplace, and generating a fair profit in keeping with the company's goals and objectives.We believe in the responsibility of the company to its employees, whom we consider our greatest asset, by providing them with every opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, and for each employee to enjoy each day.We believe in providing safety in the workplace, and that excellence in job performance should be rewarded both in wage and advancement opportunities. We believe we will only reach our goals through the positive growth of our employees.

We believe in our responsibility to the communities in which we are located and serve, and are philanthropically involved in those communities to the best of our ability.

We believe in continuing growth, maximum utilization of our assets, exploration of new products and services, while maintaining a reasonable and proper concern for the health and safety of our customers, employees, and for the environmental quality of the communities in which we do business. We believe the rate and direction of our growth should be determined by our ability to properly manage the business at an acceptable level of risk.Through our goals and objectives, we are working for continuity, as a company of the future, and pledge continued efforts toward growth, improvement, and dedication to the welfare of our owners, our employees, our customers and our communities.

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